Heres a tip for anyone renting a car in Nv., Ca., Wa., or Az.
We recently rented (through Expedia) a car From FOX Car Rental.
I'm not a picky person and usually let things go figuring the offender will get thiers on the other end some day, but this company deserves a big shout out and all the negative publicity they can get for their non-existant customer service, and filthy rental cars.

I was traveling with two disabled persons (mother in-law arthritic knees, and wifes aunt 80% blind).
When I booked the car I explained this, they never told us they were located 8 miles from the airport and it would take 2 different shuttles to get to them.
I left the party at the airport due to this and went by myself to retrieve the rental, no problem.
An hour and a half later upon arriving at the rental car site I had to endure a 40 minute argument between a customer and the rental car staff about the cleanliness of a rental car she was picking up, initially I thought the customer was being a B%&#!, but have since revised my thinking.
My turn to finally get a car, they hand me the keys to a new Dodge Charger, well maybe not as new as I first thought from 60' away. The odometer reads 59,876 miles and the interior looks worse than any car I've ever bought at the auto auction, top it off with a long list of scratch's and bumps on the body, well I'm only renting it not buying and the ladies are still waiting (paitiently I might add for over 2 hours) at the airport so off I go to get them to the hotel.
Within 5 mins of getting in the car I know theirs a problem, I cant stop sneezing and theres a strong odor of dirt in the car (most of you know I'm an avid off-roader and ride a motorcycle every day here in Texas so a little dirt doesnt bother me), so bad I'm opening the windows and turning off the A/C in 106 deg. Las Vegas weather.
I bring the ladies to the hotel and while their settling in I attempt to call FOX rentals customer service line, and 55 mins later finally reach a young lady that immediately routes me to a person she calls the Las Vegas on-site manager, Eric. Eric hears my story and questions why I didnt say something to the rental advisors when I picked up the car. I explain I had a couple old ladies already wilting in the Vegas heat and I had already endured a previous cusomers rant at the rental site for 40 minutes and wasnt in the mood to argue with anyone as I have a tendency to get a little out of hand in arguments and I'm trying to stay calm at this time. Eric, unfortunately decides to attempt to give me attitude, and after I determine that
1. He does work for FOX rental car in Las Vegas
2. He will be at the site all day
3. If I bring the car back he'll clean or exchange it for "No extra charge"
4. The chances of getting my prepaid rental fee's back are right next to 0
I head back down to the FOX lot to correct the problem and have a little discussion with Eric.
Upon arrival I ask for "Eric" but no one seems to know who I'm talking about and theres no manager on-site today.
So I again explain my problem because a whole different crew is working now.
The first rental agent does a terrific job of making me more pissed than I was when finally a different agent steps in and asks me to walk out with him and look over the cars on the lot to find something suitable.
I quickly find everything they have is high mileage, worn out, and filthy. Finally settling on a Dodge Charger with only 42XXX miles thats a little less bumped on the outside, doesnt smell as bad inside, and has slightly cleaner interior. I then spent the next hour directing the agency's 2 car cleaners on the best way to clean returning rental cars until they got out the majority of the filth and stains and made the vehicle somewhat presentable.
Again I would urge you not to use FOX Car rental even if you have to pay more it would be money well spent.