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    Thanx for the info unplugged.
    YEAH I laugh too when my boss calls and asks where I am.

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    Good advice. Those are tools to help keep people honest and hard working, but they are just tools. Performance will wax and wane, people will have good and bad days, and these things will malfunction. I worked for acompany 15 years ago and the driver couldn't explain where all of the extra miles on his van came from. Well, he drove it on weekends and probably added an extra 15% to the total miles. That all adds up and costs the company serious cash ... so I can see why companies want to implement this type of a system.

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    Yes, it is their truck and they can do whatever they want to it. I get to do whatever they allow me to do.

    Currently they allow me to use the truck for personal use so I consider myself very fortunate. I do have to log personal miles which they report to the IRS, but not a bad deal, because they pay for the gas! Current policy doesn't allow for towing anything or I'd put a lot more miles on it.

    I don't drive it to excess since I'd rather not explain an accident in the company vehicle my fault or not.

    When I worked at TeleTrac companies found employees driving unsafely, abusing personal use, and even running their own business on company time!

    A novel use of GPS tracking that has recently appeared on scene it flyer distribution. A contractor friend of mine pays to have door knockers left in a particular neighborhood and the flyer company emails him a map showing the GPS trail of their route indicating all address' visited. He knows that he is getting his money's worth. A previous company dumped hundreds of flyers in a trash can. He wouldn't have known but a homeowner called to warn him.
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    Our company trucks have GPS tracking but since were always parking in covered loading docks they get lost a lot.
    We have to download and file vehicle track logs every day due to a couple of enterprising fellows running a delivery service on the side, A couple of times when I downloaded vehicle tracks my trucks dissappear midway through the day, even though they dont show on the map their sitting in an uncovered yard 50' away.
    I'd suspect tampering but my truck seems to be the one disappearing the most and I have no reason to make it disappear as a Supervisor I dont have to justify my where abouts at anytime of the day.

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    Eery time I see this thread I have to chuckly its pretty funny and steves first post here is funny!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5speedsilverado View Post
    i think he might be wanting t drive it when he isnt supposed to, my dads company van was like that and his boss was notified when it was started
    Believe me I want to get out of that thing as soon as I can. I dont like to do side work unless its a good friend or family. I guess maybe I would like to mess with the bean counters a little bit without really doing anything wrong. When they first installed the units over 100 guys started the vans at about the same time the first Saturday.
    I have one jobsite that has a tunnel we park in where the "DOT" disapperars and we usually get a call when we go there.

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    You don't...they will know! No signal will cause an alarm.

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