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    Default 2001 5.3...keeps losing fuel pressure

    So Ive had this silverado for two years come November. I replaced the fuel pump within 4 months of owning the truck because the pump was whining and the fuel gauge was not working. I replaced it with a new ac delco pump. THen about 8 months ago, the truck started getting harder to start. Instead of just tapping the key to start it, I would have to let it crank, mainly when the truck was sitting for a while. Long story short, we discovered that the fuel line was not holding pressure once the pump was turned off and attributed it to a bad pressure valve (im not sure if thats what its called) in the fuel pump. For a temporary fix, I would turn the ignition on (fuel pump on) for a few seconds and then start the truck, that way the line could pressurize. THis worked but I got sick of doing this so I replaced the pump with a NEW AC DELCO pump.

    This corrected the problem.

    Now, 7 months later, I think the same problem is occuring. It started happening a few days ago when I would go to start the truck with my flick of the finger and the engine attempted to start and then stalled.

    My question: Can anyone explain why this keeps happening??? Im into this truck for over a grand in fuel pumps and im sick of it. Im beginning to contemplate selling the truck. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Is there something else that could be mimmicking the fuel pressure problem? I havent actually tested the fuel lines pressure yet.

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    more than likely you have a leaking injector. a pump usually wont cause it to loose pressure

    05 silverado shortbed

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