Hey people..I have been experiencing a vibration when taking off from 25 and so on...I am leaning towards an enigne/trans mount, because the vibration will go away when taking my foot off the gas...The vibrations is enough to rattle change in my console and shake my steering wheel...any suggestions???

Also Does anyone know if I can get an oem drivers side rear brake line pre made, or do i have to make my own..mine is starting to leak and I am using quite a bit of brake fluid..

I searched to find the answer to this question, but to no avail..When coming to a stop, or taking off from a slow roll, I will get a loud noise coming from the rear end...its sounds like a hubcap rolling, I can not pin point where it is coming from, I was just wondering if any else has experienced this....

Sorry for all the questions..I am just having some issues...thanks in advance for the help