Hi folks. New to the forums. Like what I see so far...
I'm a retired auto tech; been out of the business for about 10 years. Still know a few things, though...
Looking at buying a 90 suburban 5.7 4wd. 153K miles. Stopped and looked at it briefly today. Body/interior very good considering the age.
Started it up, small-med amount of blue smoke, probably valve seals. No big dieal, I don't think, but I'll be checking compression anyway.. Seemed to run OK; maybe a slight miss. Didn't do any hard-core diags yet.
Dealer (this is from a small used car lot; I'm in a small town in the desert) is a decent enough guy; didn't try to BS me much once he realized I know my stuff about cars. He says the 1-2 shift is late. Always shifts, it's just late; not sure how late, though. 4L60 trans.
I haven't driven it at all; didn't have time today. Vehicle came from a wholesale auction, so no previous history.
Curious what might cause a late 1-2 shift. He says one of his guys has one just like it, does the same thing. Might it be normal? I've been driving a 93 Toyota MT PU for the past 12 years, so getting back into a GM AT will be different.
I have no idea if it has a shift kit installed, or how to tell.
Any ideas as to what I should be looking for? Fluid looks/smells OK.
I'm probably going to go back later this week to look at it...