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Thread: No brake lights

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    Default No brake lights

    Hello. I have a 1999 suburban. All of my brake lights do not work, including the one over rear doors. Please let me know if this is common, and what may be the problem.

    Someone told me that if one light goes out, they all do, is that the case? I can't believe all my bulbs burnt out at around the same time. I did have to replace both rear bulbs last year (they were burnt out). But never all three.

    Thanks for any help.

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    First thing that I would look at is the stop light fuse. The upper center brake light on Subs do go out. I have replaced two in the last year.
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    Thanks for the response. I will put a new fuse in and see if that works.

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    Also check the harness at the rear where the trailer plug connector attaches. If this has come loose like it did on mine, it also causes lighting troubles for the rear lights.
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    I had to resolder one of the wires at the harness by the brake pedal switch above the pedal itself. For some reason it came loose so I was driving with no brake lights.

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    Thanks for the responses so far. I have replaced the fuse and no luck, brake lights still not working. I will go and check harness connections and connection near brake pedel.

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    There is a brake light switch on the pedal. Use your test light to see if that's working. It could also be your multifunction switch - turn/wipers/hi/lo. That was my problem. Not cheap, about $300 for the switch from Napa. Took the guy over an hour to change it, and he knew what he was doing LOL.
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    Default brakelights

    Check tcc/stoplight switch top of brake pedal, test white wire step on brake if it does not light its bad Check ,turn/hazard switch which is part of the multi function switch L.H upper steering colum with a testlight seperate connector LH side of steering colume either the yellow or green wire it doesnt matter step on brake if it doesnt light up its bad, check connector under brake booster for oil or corrosion, thats were i found my short leaking hydraboost oil shorted it outwhile its apart if you havea self powered tstlight or a jumper insert into terminal A yellow or green wiresto rear and see if it lights them up, check trailer harness, and check for right bulb application good luck
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    Default Brake light switch

    Turn signals, hazards work, all three brake lights are not coming on. Fuses good, bulbs are all good. How do I get to the brake pedal/stoplight switch? I cant reach it from underneath, do I have to remove the lower dash cover? Thank you for all your help!

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    Hey, Welcome to the site. That's what i like about this site. Everyone is there for each other.
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