I was going to work in Fort Worth Texas, driving through the crazy clover-leaf on-ramp between 360 and I-30 (not too far away from the new Stadium in Arlington) to head east. I was listening to 97.1, the Eagle, which I didn't do all that often so it's memorable. They were playing AC/DC - I think it was "Who made who" - and they cut the song short and said, "This is unprecedented." and the local DJs talked about what they were seeing on TV.

I got to work and pulled a TV out of the back storage area and I did very little work that day. The company that I worked for then was based 60 miles north of New York City and we had a hard time getting in touch with them because all the phone times were tied up.

I just sat and watched the TV that day and prepared for the new world to come at me.