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    Default God was my co-pilot yesterday!

    I was driving on the highway in the left lane just entering Maryland on US 15, when a motorcycle entering the road from an on-ramp on the right tried to passs a bunch of slower bikers, gunned his Ninja wiped out and slid right in front of me. If you heard a scream at 6:30 last night that was me as I hit the brakes with both feet. I was in the Suburban and God was truly my co-pilot today as the 7000 pound truck stopped 10 feet away from the bike! The rider had been thrown off the bike and into the grass median so if the truck had not stopped my choices were hit the rider or hit the bike!

    I did stop though and the guy behind me stopped too just barely missing me!

    I then parked the truck in the left lane to keep other cars away from the bike and rider and got out to see what I could do.
    I called 911 and got an ambulance while the other bikers and a girl who was a paramedic dealt with Juan the rider. He was basically OK never loosing consciousness and not bleeding externally. He could even wiggle his feet!
    His bike was banged up and his helmet had a bad case of road rash. The Frederick County emergency response guys were great. We had three firetrucks, an ambulance, paramedics, a Sheriff's Deputy and a State Trooper all on the scene within five minutes! The ambulance took him to the hospital and after giving my statement to the state trooper I went on my way! I was shaking by that time! I spoke to Juan's friends while we were dealing with the cops and they said he had dumped his bike before, but never on the highway. It is a case of too much bike and too little brains...

    Basically his helmet saved him from cracking his head open like a coconut. If you ride, make sure you have one on.

    This is the second time Ole' Foxy has saved my bacon. I love my Suburban and will make a planter out of her before I give her up!
    I have no convictions ... I blow with the wind, and the prevailing wind happens to be from Vichy

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    damn, more like God was riding with Juan. I'm glad that everyone was ok, and u have some quick reactions.
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    Glad everyone was ok.
    1985 c20 Suburban "Amtrack"
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    so if the truck had not stopped my choices were hit the rider or hit the bike!
    The rider would probably do less damage to the truck...... OK, bad joke. Glad it all worked out.

    2008 Suburban 1500 LT with all the goodies.
    2009 2500 Crew Cab DMax LT Stock under the hood.....Nerf bars, cap and liner, de-badged, Husky Liners, CB, JVC woofer, bull bar. Roof lights

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oscarvan View Post
    The rider would probably do less damage to the truck...... OK, bad joke. Glad it all worked out.
    No, that's just logic, he knew the risks when he bought a donorcycle

    If I'm not playin' ball I'm workin on my truck.... On a college budget... Yeah... Zip ties and duct tape FTW!

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    God is my pilot, captain, navigator, and commander in chief everyday. Glad no one was seriously injured. That rider should have his MC endorsement pulled. What an idiot.
    When you hear hoofbeats, look for horses not zebras.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David8790 View Post
    No, that's just logic, he knew the risks when he bought a donorcycle
    Very doubtful

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