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    Default 4WD Automatic Transfer Case

    I have a 02' GMC Yukon.

    A couple of days ago I had to use the 4WD , (low, high and auto) due to blizzard conditions. Well the indicator light shows that it went back into 2hi once I got to a location I didn't need it anymore but the front wheels still turn very hard as if it was still in 4WD. When I am at speed it seems to turn a little easier but not when I am moving slowly. around 20 MPH or less.

    It's supposed to be the opposite in 2hi. Does it sound like I did something to the steering or what? Is it possible that even though the indicator light shows it back in 2hi that it didn't disengage from 4WD?

    If somebody could give me some guidance I would appreciate it. I still have a 4 year 40k mile extended warranty when I bought it but I hope I don't have to take it in. I can't afford not to have a vehicle.

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    I had a 2002 GMC Sonoma, I put it in 4 wheel drive and the indicator said it was but the front chuck did not engage. Took it to dealer and found the cause to be a battery that the post had blown out and the acid ate through the the cable that sit right behind the battery box. You might want to check and see if there is any damage to the cable as it may also stop the front wheels from disengaging if damaged. Luckly mine was still under warranty and the fixed all including cleaning up the acid that ate up all the undercoating and battery box. They had a bad bunch of batteries that year and I have been at the deals twice now and people bring there cars in for battery post failure.

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    I know that it's transferring out of 4WD, well pretty sure anyway, we just had a blizzard so there is ice everywhere and I have been testing it out that way. But I'll check again tomorrow for sure and I'll also get underneath there and check for any damage to anything. I can't see anything damaged from the top. Thanks Junior. Anybody else have any ideas? Or maybe some diagrams for the steering on a 2002 Yukon?

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    Check tire pressures. If one tire is lower than the other it will cause the lower inflated tire to "Drag", and cause the gears to bind, and not disengage.
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    Tire pressure is good. Even filled them all back up again. I doubt it's the gear box so I am thinking maybe the valve in the power steering pump not holding the pressure. It's not making any noise at all when turning or driving and such so I doubt it's out.

    Keep the thoughts coming folks. Thanks

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