We are considering a 29ft. travel trailer. The actual unloaded trailer weight with installed options is 5330lbs. Hitch weight is 736. I do not know the axle weights but it is a 2-axle trailer.

Our Tahoe is a 2007 LTZ - 4x4 with the HD tow package - coolers, auto airbag levelers, 3.73 rear axle, 5.4L v8. According to GM, our trailer tow rating is 6700lbs, because of the 4x4. GCWR is 13,000.

We have towed a boat and a popup trailer some distance before with no issues at all. Our calculations show we can do it if we don't max out the load but I would love to know if anyone else has towed similar with their Tahoe with the same ratings.

Of course, we will be using an Equalizer WD hitch and sway control along with brake control.