I failed a Virginia safety inspection due to the parking brake and rear rotor thickness.
I thought I'd write up a small summary of replacing these.
Rotors from Napa were $52 apiece, pads were $75 from Advance (Thermo-quiet has a
$15 rebate) and park brake pads were $75 from Napa.
Follow safety guidelines (chock tires, safety jack).
Remove tire, use a 12mm 6pt socket to remove the caliper. I found it was better placed
and out of the way wedging it in front of the rear shock rather than tying up. Yea I know
not to stress the brake line. Remove the caliper housing using a 18mm 6pt socket. This
took a $3 18 inch long 1 inch pipe from Lowes to break them loose. Remove the rotor clips
(perforated washers slipped over the lug threads, 2 of them). Remove the rotor. Remove the
parking brake clip from the inside of the park brake pad (8mm I think). Rotate the pb pad over
the axle hub and pull outward gently and it slips off. Reverse process for installation of new pads
and rotor. I used throttle body cleaner on the new rotors to get the packing oil off. In reflection
I wish I used my torque wrench but I didn't have it with me. The left and right side pb pads are inverted.
No problem one is just upside down. The rotor pads came with shims but I didn't have any installed
when I replaced them so I didn't use them. I'm sure someone here can correct me. So far no problems.