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    Default Newbie Lift/Tire Question

    I'm looking to buy a Tahoe for my wife's b-day, probably something around a 96-98. She'd like a lift/oversize tires on it, and I've found several, but I'm wondering at what point, as far as tire size, will I run into problems as far as needing to regear the axles and/or taking a big hit on gas mileage? My suspicion is that anything over 33" will probably be pushing it with the stock axle setup. I'd appreciate any opinions anyone has.

    Also, I've found a 98 2-door that pretty much fits the bill (other than the 35's), but I'm thinking that may be a little small to haul 2 adults/2kids/dog and stuff. If anyone has any experience to the contrary, please let me know.


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    Default RE: Newbie Lift/Tire Question

    I think that overall every bit of extra tire that you put on will start you along a line towards faster wear-down and more fuel consumption.

    However, if you're not abusing the vehicle, I've known guys that have put upwards of 38"s on a stock axle with nothing more than a suspension lift and maybe a broken universal joint here and there.

    In terms of space, I get clausterphobic in a 2-door! Especially when you're talking about getting the kiddos in and out. I like a 4-door when I can find it, all of my vehicles have 4-doors, but that's just me.

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    Default RE: Newbie Lift/Tire Question

    Gas costs go up with larger tires. That's a given for sure. Not to mention power loss.

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