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    Default Warping brake rotors

    I've got a '98 Tahoe with 95K miles on it. Ever since I bought it used (65K miles), I've had to have the front brake rotors turned about once every 6-8 months to take out what I believe is warping due to heat. Once the rotors are turned, the brakes stop nice and even with no pulsing, but over the course of several months, the pulsing comes back. I live in a cold climate, but do mainly city driving with lots of stop and go. I've been wanting to replace the rotors with something that won't warp as fast, and have been looking at either slotted or drilled rotors. Two questions - 1) is this a common problem, and am I on the right track to replace the rotors with heavier-duty ones, and 2) If I do replace them, what type of rotor is best (standard, drilled, slotted, etc.)? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    That few miles and having to turn your rotors ever 6-8 months is not common at all. Unless you're towing a sherman tank on a flatbed everyday. OEM rotors should be fine for most all applications.

    The only other vehicle that I had with really badly warped rotors was a Pontiac. Had to have them turned around 70k, everything was fine until it was totaled when it was rear-ended.

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    I do tow occasionally, a snowmachine trailer in the winter (3-4 times/year), and a camper trailer in the summer (3-4 times, but it has trailer brakes), but I run into this problem even when I'm not towing. I've had another Suburban/Tahoe owner tell me that it's a known cronic problem, but haven't been able to find out any info anywhere. Thanks for the help.

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    I'm not sure if this is a cronic problem or not. Does anyone else have an issue with this?

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    Have same problem. I was told that if you don"t use your emergency brake,the rear brakes don't adjust and cause the fronts to warp.

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    Hmm, interesting thought. Never heard of that before. The self-adjusting brakes could go out of sync with the front brakes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve
    Hmm, interesting thought. Never heard of that before. The self-adjusting brakes could go out of sync with the front brakes?
    Yup, thats what my local dealer sez. I installed drilled & slotted rotors and started using my E brake, we'll see what happens.

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    yeah, let me know how it turns out.

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    my 95 did the same thing , the rotors would warp, because they were basiclly the only thing stoping the truck, what added insult to injury, was that situation ruined the front end of the vehicle.
    my mechanic (also a good friend) had to replace the upper/ lower ball joints and tie rods because of the shimmy, so keep your rear brakes adjusted for maximum stopping power, and cross drilled rotors will disapate heat quicker than stock. if ya really wanna get nuts, you can convert the rear to discs, and/or get larger diameter rotors for the front (they make kits for that too)

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