I bought an 87 s10 blazer with the 2.8 TBI. Ran great, drove it 50 miles home. Was driving it on one of the dirt roads on the farm when I started smelling gas. Stopped to find a small leak, no problem patched it up easily with some tank putty. Then it wouldn't start after that, no fuel was getting to the TBI. Checked the fuel filter, it was ok. Starts up with carb cleaner.

Contacted the previous owner...he said the 10amp ECMB fuse kept blowing, so he replaced it with a 15amp (dumbass). I checked it...it wasn't blown. Getting 12v to the fuse slot. Replaced it with a 10amp...didn't blow, still no fuel.

1. What are the chances that the ECM is burned up due to the higher amperage fuse?

2. What would cause the fuse to start blowing in the first place?

3. Where is the fuel pump relay and the wiring that runs to the fuel pump? I intend to replace all of the wiring just incase.