My name is Mark and I am from Concord, NC. I've owned several GM trucks over the years, but strayed (sorta) a couple of years ago and purchased a Hummer H3. It was fun for a while, but I missed the '04 Silverado Ext Cab that I traded.

So, I went Saturday and bought a GREAT truck. It is a 2007 Black Silverado 1500 NBS Crew Cab. It is a LOADED LTZ w/ Z71 4x4. She only has 19K miles and still smell brand new inside! MAN, it sure is good to be back!!

I have a picture in my signature. I will try to post some more when I get a chance. I look forward to visiting here often. I have always done all of my own upgrades and mods. I look forward to learning from everyone here and hope that I can contribute often!!