I bought a used '03 Yukon Denali a little over a year ago, and had about 8k left on the factory warranty. I found out after the warranty expired that it had already had a new (aftermarket) tranny put in under the factory warranty. The reason I found out was the second tranny went out, and I had to have a third installed (at 39k miles). The starter went out two weeks ago ($500), and now I just found out the front differential is going out. Bearings and seals are quoted at 1k - 1.5k, if ring, pinion, or carrier are damaged, could be closer to 3k. Am I completely insane, or does this seem unreasonable for a LUXURY SUV with 46k miles??? Do I have any grounds for a warranty exception? Has anyone else had THIS MANY problems with their Denalis? Any insight/commentary is appreciated!