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    Default 00 chevy body lift??

    Hello all im 23 yrs old. i live in Western PA...

    Bought my 00 chevy 1500 4x4 extcab manual trans ..almost a year ago ...and ive decided its time for some bigger tires and lift

    Ive read alot of forums on the pros and cons with suspension lift VS body lift

    The most off roading this truck will see is going up my friends bumpy driveway lol

    So ive decided to go with a 3 inch body lift please dont flame me for that LOL...i know the pros and cons lol

    Anyways .....i got a set of readylift torsion bar keys 1.5"to2.5" if im not mistaken...i hopefully will be installing these in a week or so truck has a nasty rake

    Out of the numerious pages on body lifts for chevys....i cant seem to find any info on how the install goes...i mean i get the basic concept

    I talked to our local guy at his offroad shop and he said puttin a body lift on a 00 chevy is a pain

    he said there is a pile of stuff that needs dropped...bed is easy part throw blocks bolts and done i would assume

    Now he said cab and front clip is where it gets fun..he said fan shroud needs cut, drop brackets installed for radiator...ebrake needs lowered...steering linkage lengthened..bumpers need raised..and a piece needs installed on the top of the tranny to bring my shifter up

    Now my that pretty much it for the install ....or is there other stuff that needs moved, dropped, like engine wiring.. stock airbox..radiator lines etc???? Also do i even need that piece for the top of the tranny.....cant my shifter just stay in its stock location once i puit the 3 inch body lift on ....just i would need to reach a bit lower...the shifter shaft should have enough play in the boot to let the body lift up and keep the shifter stock??

    Main reason im asking what all needs because i dont wanna drop $250-300+ on a body lift

    i have 3inch blocks already from a old truck ...and getting the new bolts is easy....and i can fab new bumper brackets....i just dont wanna have to fab brackets for the little stuff knowing what all needs moved would be a BIG HELP !!!

    i apologize is this was talked about in another post and i looked over it somewhere

    TY all in advance for ur input


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    anyone ? i know alot of u have body lifts and im sure some of u have done it urself

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    Well i would say that its alot easier than it sounds... i mean they come with instructions... the manual transmission wont need a special piece to be lengthened, you can just cut out any that would make it able to hit the gears if needed, umm when i did my lift there wasnt anything bout lowering radiator, as for fan shroud i just put the spacers in i didnt have to cut at all just drill the existing holes bigger, as for e brake, comes with bracket and just have to drill a couple holes, and steering should have the extending shaft piece that you pull out a bolt put the extension on and put 2 bolts in, and airbox should be okay its connected to the body, but thats for my model which is a little older, but they should be about the same...

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    my brother's 03 came with a body lift when he bought it. I noticed that the fan shroud was lowered with some aluminum hangers, but the radiator wasn't lowered or anything. When u do a body lift, the core support should also have blocks, so there shouldn't be any need for lowering the radiator, just the shroud. You shouldn't need to to do anything to the trans except trim the opening of the floor so that you can fully shift into the gears. You might have to lengthen the clutch line and brake lines, but idk. You might also need to lengthen the negative cable to your frame, but again, I've never done a body lift, so Idk.
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