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    River Ridge Louisiana-4 miles W of New Orleans-didn't flood-water stopped 800 yards away.

    Default Rain leak-98 Suburban-windshield gasket down wiring??

    I have a BIG rain leak on the drivers side of my 98 Suburban. For the longest time I thought it was from the door weatherstripping.

    The water pools in that gutter where the wiring runs.Carpet gets soaked etc.

    I finally figured out that it is actually coming from farther forward.It seems to be coming down that 3/4" thick bundle(looks like it has electrical tape on it in the1st picture) of wiring that come down the lateral side of the dash-behind the emergency brake mechanism.

    I can't tell where it is originating. Can water GET INTO the A pillar from a bad windshield gasket?? The gasket on that side seems to be a bit twisted-not flat-.I can't see any actual hole/defect in the gasket, but maybe.

    Is there anyway water can actually get into the A-Pillar from a windshield gasket defect??

    I can't really tell where that wire bundle actually originates.

    Rain leaks are a pain to locate-sometimes.

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    River Ridge Louisiana-4 miles W of New Orleans-didn't flood-water stopped 800 yards away.

    Default Can the A-Pillar leak rain into cabin-98 burb

    A quick question.Can the A-Pillar leak rain into the cabin? In other words is it open under the windshield?

    My 98 Suburban-otherwise a great vehicle with 211,000 miles on it,17000 of them mine-has been leaking rain into the cabin on the driversside for years.I thought it was the door weatherstripping.It isn't. I finally noticed that the water was coming from left front.

    The water is following a 1/2" bundle of wires that seem to come from a A-Pillar.I can "feel" the water 10+ inches upward to where it sorta disappears behind the emergency brake mechanism.

    The windshield gasket on that side seems a bit "twisted" - it isn't flat. Is there any "hole" in the A-Pillar behind the windshield?

    Leaks can be tough to find,

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    I feel your pain. I chased a leak for about two years.
    We put RTV across the top windshield seam, the glass place tried blowing smoke from the inside, I took out all the trim and headliner trying to find trails -- Nothin'!

    Finally, when the windshield cracked and got replaced, the leak stopped. The glass place (Auto Glass Solutions) said that the window seal is a double lip design, so that the water comes in at one place, but will run around the channel and come out somewhere else.

    My suggestion, follow gravel trucks really close.

    On another note; I drilled a small hole in the rocker lip, just in front of the wiring channel, to let out that water that gathers.

    Good luck,

    1999 Chevy K2500 Suburban 350
    K&N, reworked cai, Thrush cat-backs
    Vinyl, cranks, floor shift, and rear air!

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    I can't answer for sure, but I'd bet it has to do with the windshield gasket not being flat or twisted. Good luck!

    2010 Z/71 Colorado C/C
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    2007 Winnebago Adventurer
    w/8.1L Chevy & Allison 6spd.
    Canyon Lake, Texas

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    River Ridge Louisiana-4 miles W of New Orleans-didn't flood-water stopped 800 yards away.


    Thanks guys. I like the "follow gravel trucks" but I don't have anything but liability insurance on it-cost just $2950 to buy,so it didn't make sense to fully insure it-not with me being broke.

    I'll run some silicone seal in it and see what happens-

    I'm tempted to drill that hole-I get quarts of water in there when it rains.Well maybe not quarts, but plenty of ounces!!


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