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    Default an old question but most likly a different subject

    I'm hoping to find some guys that have been around a little while. I'm working on a friends 1953 chevy pickup. We plan on putting plenty of work into this thing to make it nice again. It is currently at an electrical repair place because the generator isn't charging quite right and not sure if its needing to be rebuilt or not. The guy there suggested that we switch to a 8 volt battery which would allow for faster cranking and brighter headlights. I thought it would a be a good idea and he made it sound so appealing. i told him to go ahead and do it, but now im kinda regretting it. Iv been surfing around and found some other forums that have glazed over the idea, but i kinda want some more input. Should i go back and tell this guy to leave the 6 volt alone? or is this 8 volt upgrade a good idea. In theory the generator already puts out around 8 volts so it should bother things like the heater and radio but now im not sure this is for us. thoughts?

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    if your sticking that much time and money into this truck, the most reliable thing to do would be a 12 volt system, especially if you are going to put in a modern drivetrain
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    This update is as old as the truck.If you have doubts about radio and heater have him install resistors inline.I would think the 8 volt might be rare,I hope not.Good luck,this will be sweet ride.
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    I don't think that were gonna switch to a 12 volt system as were not going to rod the truck. The body is getting pulled in September and it going to be stripped and painted. Primarily the guy just wants a show truck and were gonna keep everything stock. Hes really not the kind of guy that's gonna rev the engine and cruise around Friday night, hes more the kind that's gonna fire it up and drive it to the park on Sundays.

    I went down to the place that's fixing the charging system and told him to not worry about putting in an 8 volt battery (he didn't seem happy that i was going against his suggestions) as i hadn't had enough time to really research it. Iv read different opinions. Some people have had bad luck with breaking starters or others have revved it up on dark nights and blown every bulb on the truck. On the other hand there are also the guys that have had an 8 volt battery in there rigs for 20 years and never changed a bulb or had an issue. I think before i go and try to "band-aid" the issue, I'm gonna see what i can do to make what its supposed to have work.

    I would still love to hear more talk on the subject if any body has suggestions as Im going to be spending the next month making this vehicle reliable before it goes in for its makeover. Perhaps an Optima red-top gelcell battery is in order? They have a nice 6 volt that puts out 1000 cranking amps.

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    Sounds to me like this guy just is looking to pad the bill a little by suggesting new things.
    Also how common are 8 volt batteries in your area? Is he the only dealer for a couple hundred miles? I know you can pick up 6 volt batteries just about anywhere that you can get a 12 volt.
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    We live in a farming community. There are several auto parts stores and tractor supply stores in the area where we can get batteries. Both 6 and 8 volt batteries are available because those are what is used in tractors. He might be trying to pad the bill but i dont think he is. It was a suggestion that he gave when we made the appointment last week, and then we told him to do it yesterday and then i changed my mind lol . Its not like hes really pushing for it. He was also fired up when i mentioned Optima batteries for some reason. He says he DOES have an opinion about those and that its not a good one. Not sure what his complaint is I bought a yellow top like 7 or 8 years ago and used it for a long time in multiple rigs and loved it.

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