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I just moved from the city to the country. I now have concerns about the winter. So this is my excuse to get a 4 wd. I was looking at a SUV becuase I have a large family. So I had to put my truck wishes on hold at least for the moment.

Well I had to barrow a friends truck!!! ( 2001 Silverado LS 2500HD ext cab short bed with the 6L) Needless to say I feel in love with this truck!!!! It has much more room and better miliage then I thought. My friend is selling this truck!! So now I'm concidering getting it!!

At this point I was just wondering what are the pros and cons about this truck?? My freind has always told me how he was impressed with it's towning. I will be doing quite a few jobs that will require towing and heavy loads. So I was wondering how this truck stacks up to like the Ford and the Ram! Is this a good year and model?? Thanks for the info in advance!
Forget about Dodge. The only Ford thats a better tower would be their diesel(And I'm a Ford guy, love my Ranger )