Hi All,
I just bought an 88' K1500 and thought this would be a good community to be a part of. About the truck:
Fresh rebuilt 350 with less than 500 miles. A heavy duty 1 ton 5 speed transmission out of a diesel (still have to figure out exactly what it is) with a ceramic button (?) clutch. Apparently for off road and hauling. Has a 1/2 ton plus(?) rear axle, it was explained as basically a 3/4 ton rating. I forget the actual wording, but that's the basic idea. is has an ARB locker on the rearI posted some pics.
Some of the issues to figure out:
Synchromesh is worn going into third gear-Any ideas on how to fix?
Odometer quit- everything else on the dash works.
wipers have a mind of their own.
windshield needs replaced
Needs new tires.

All in all, an awesome truck for only $3000

I'm sure I'll be talking to you all sometime,