Hello my fellow Gm Loving friends! haha!

So Here I am Saluting you all from The nice and darn cold province Of Quebec in Canada.

I am young and looking for wisdom concerning my dreamtruck The Chevy Suburban...
I know its been called : A Soccer Dad truck and stuff but I just love them... Drove them in many different trims for work. from LS to brand new Fully Loaded LTZ.

My big dillema beeing a truck I saw for sale near the military base I used to be.
Its a
2003 Black Chevy Suburban Z71
96 000 Km (60 000Mi)
Always maintained at the GM Dealership with full vehicule history...
Driven by an 60 Y/Old man
15800$ Nice Canadian Dollars (14800 USD$)

What do you guys think about that ?