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Thread: Need Some Help

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    Well starting last week my trucks been using up oil. I have put in 3 quarts since Oct. 20th. Was heading home during lunch break today, and I smelled oil, couple minutes later the service engine light comes on, pull over, check the oil, sure enough another quart is gone. It seems as though I only lose oil when I hit large bumps or the engines under load. I had just crossed over railroad tracks.

    Before I left for my lunch break I checked the oil and it was still perfect. It's only a 15 minute drive to the house.

    I drive a 1991 Silverado Z71, with a 5.7 crate. It does not smoke, sputter, or drip oil while idling and the engine area is DRY. It runs just fine as well, you can't even tell there's a problem. I am off tomorrow and am going to try and figure out whats going on but I don't even know where to start.

    If anyone has any ideas PLEASE let me know.


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    nice truck.... well if there is no leak anywhere then maybe u should check if its mixing with the water just a suggestion, maybe some seal is broken internally, good luck

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    Check the engine vent system. The breather at the valve cover and the small filter inside the air filter where the hose attaches from the breather.
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    Thanks for the replies. I have had a small leak for 2 years but it's only about half a quart every 3000 miles. Three little wet spots on the road after sitting over night. Going to a buddies house in a few hours. If it's anything major and the motors gotta come out, it may be time for some internal mods too.

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    Well I need to replace the entire oil pan. Going to be fun, can't afford the $300 service charge.

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    If you can't afford $300 how would you afford to do internal engine mods? Also, what did you plan on doing to the bottom end anyway?

    Well, you're still going to have to at least lift the engine to get the oil pan out. If it has a crate engine, why is the oil pan rusted through?

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    Sorry it's been a long day. The previous owner put the motor in, I was told it's a crate motor, but it runs just like any other 5.7 I've driven. The pans not rusted through but it is cracked. I am going to go ahead and replace it, hopefully Wednesday. When I said I couldn't afford the $300, I don't get paid till next Thursday, and don't have the cash right now.

    And as far as mods, I haven't really thought about it too much but I was considering putting in Vortec Heads and upgrading the cam and intake.

    I am not very skilled when it comes to cars, but can do almost anything with an ATV or Bike.

    Right now the only thing done to it is dual exhaust (Magnaflow). I was tossing around the idea of getting another truck so I never really got into the performance area. If I get a new vehicle it's going to be another Silverado but black with a 5.3.
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    A cam and vortec heads are both good upgrades but you don't need to pull the engine for either. That's what I was asking.

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    Oh that's good to know, thanks. Someone told me you'd have to pull it.

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