I have a 91 Chevy k1500 short box with a 305 currently. I will be putting in a 350 with vortec heads next year and will also be putting headers on it at the same time as the engine swap. My truck has stock exhaust on it now and it just sounds old and very quiet. I want dual exhaust and will probably go with a single in dual out for simplicity.

I'm trying to decide between a magnaflow muffler (don't know how they sound) or a flowmaster delta 50 or a 50 SUV. I don't want the truck much louder than stock, I just want it to sound good. Also, I'm sure the headers will make it louder (anyone know if this is true?) so I don't want to get a very loud muffler. Is the Flowmaster SUV a good muffler to go with? Anyone using this right now? how does it sound?