What does it cost you to get your oil changed? Do you go to a dealer or a quickie place?

I've been getting my oil changed at a full-service car wash called Paisley's in South Arlington, Texas. They charge the same for oil/filter/lube that the other places like Jiffy Lube charge, BUT they give a free carwash, and that worth like $15. They vacuum out everything until it's clean. They wash all of the windows, the mirrors and even the rear-view mirror. And they even spray a very nice scent on the interior and it comes out smelling and looking great! Then they hand-dry the car and polish it up so that it looks great.

That costs me about $33 after tax for oil/filter/lub and a full-service car wash. I get the Trailblazer done there and my wife's little Caviliar there too. My mother-in-law's Malibu will be the next to go there.