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    Pretty nice. I wonder how much it cost.

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    I like it. Paint not so much, but it is definitely pretty cool

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    It looks good, looks like how a truck should look, what are the specs like.

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    I like it, the rear end reminds me of the 60s model trucks with the stamped Chevrolet gate. The HD style front clip, colors don't go well but do like the black center. Did we get interior pictures? I didn't go through all the pages. I do agree however that the front bumper is rather low for an aggressive off road vehicle. One more thing, not complaining but just wondering why did Chevy & Ford go from SS Silverados & Lightnings to ZR2 & Raptors?
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    Well this was from 2009 SEMA? has anything like it came out? It's been at least 2 years. Personally I love the look but I am a little bias, I would rather have a Schwinn than a Ford and yes I have owned many Fords in my life. I am a 4x2 guy you know sport trucks? so I would like to see a 2wd model. Go Chevy. By the way, the government I.E. you and I the tax payer only owns 26% of GM. It is not like they have controlling interest or something. Also, I think GM could have recovered without the Government bail out but I surely didn't want to see GM disappear.

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    I'm in love. That thing is truck will be paid off in 2 months...hmmmmm hahahah

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    I would like to place that front bumper in the back window of a Toyota Prius! Awesome truck. Needs different paint color though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megasaurus View Post
    yeah, the exhaust looks pretty aggressive to say the least. not really all that fond of the major contrast between the black carbon fibre and the white/cream paint, it needs to blend in better, but that's just paint.
    Oh Yeah, It looks 100% better than the Ford 'Atlas' and with a supercharger I'll bet it a real monster on a 1/4 mile strip. But why can't GM get the paint schemes worked out ? Why did the two-tone paint option disappear ? I know I own an old truck, but you'd be surprised how many guys ask "What year is that ?" and once I tell them, they all say the same thing, "why no two tone paint ? Mine has Black over a gold bottom. Last one I saw like it was a 1999 Silverado 1500 ? The two tone breaks up the "Massive" bulk of the side view of the profile of the truck. just my $0.02 !

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    Not a fan of the color at all!

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