Sorry, this post is a rant against Farmers Insurance - if you don't want to hear me rant then move on - I'm HACKED.

I know some of you have Farmers Insurance, and I know that some of you like it. That's not my experience, and I think that I'm a pretty fair person ... just read all my comments going back through time on this site, I think I've only ripped into like two or three people. Overall, I think I'm very fair and like to give the benefit of the doubt.

The facts are that I was in a wreck 23 months ago (have to settle in 24 months in Texas) and at that time they said I was 40% at fault for the accident. So I went to my own insurance company and they took farmers to arbitration. Well, it took over a year, but we WON arbitration against Farmers. Ok, cool, I am officially 0% at fault and Farmers has to pay all of my claims. So now, when I am trying to fully settle against all of the claims and they just came out and said that they have no proof that I won arbitration and they aren't going to pay me anything.

What? They already paid the vehicle off and I got my $500 deductible back from my insurance company. I sent them in additional rental costs and they said they were going to pay, but did not pay. I sent in my lost wages and they said they would pay, then they said they would not pay. There are other things out there and they said they would pay, then they said they would not pay. VERY frustrating. This is either a bad system they have (which is possible - let's be fair) or they are using this as a stalling strategy.

I was in a wreck that caused $9,500 in damage to my vehicle ALONE. The other vehicle's front end was demolished and the woman who caused the wreck had a broken sternum. She was also ticketed at the scene for failure to yield to me. My insurance company took Farmers Insurance to arbitration and won.

Meanwhile, my neck and back still hurt, I just went into the Chiropractor again two weeks ago. I have two days lost work (should have been more, but I was 4 weeks into a new job and didn't have a big reserve of time off to take). My wife was pregnant and was at home in bed for 12 weeks with the worst kind of nausea (hyperemesis) that pregnant women get (1 out of 200 women get it), so I couldn't even get all of the treatment that I needed.

Anyhow, I have an attorney lined up and if it comes to that they will step in and take over for me, but I'm really just looking to get 1) my lost wages, 2) medical bills and medicine, 3) something reasonable for pain and suffering because my neck still hurts and the chiropractor has a therapy plan for me to still work on... 4) lost use of my vehicle for 4 months and only got 1 month of rental car out of it.

Anyhow, that's my rant. Hopefully it will all work out - I hate to have to get into a lawsuit, but I've done it becuase when I had to, so I guess I will do it again.