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Thread: bigger tires

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    Default bigger tires

    hello i have 2004 2500hd ext cab long bed what would need to done to add 315 tires? would turning up the torsion bars be enough or would i need a 2 or 3 inch body lift? thanks

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    I've got a 2005 1500 Z71 and i had to get leveling keys to fit 315's and they still rub a lil bit.

    2005 Chevy Z71
    2 Inch Leveling Keys
    35" Pro Comps
    Magnaflow Exhaust

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    how hard was it to install the keys

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    Cool bigger tires

    If you plan on using the stock factory wheels with the 315s than new torsen bar keys (level kit) for a 2500 will work with some trimming. If you plan on running a widder wheel, 8 or 10 than a 6inch lift will be needed. Although alot of people run 315s on a stock rim, its really to narrow (7-7.5inchs). Minimum wheel should be 8inch and maximum 12inch. The 315s on stock rims will wear funny and not last as long. Try a 305 on stock rim and you wont have to trim and crank the t/bar keys as much. Im assumming this is a 4X4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dabadas View Post
    how hard was it to install the keys
    If your going to install the keys, your prob going to need a professional car lift, i did'nt even atempt to do it myself..... to much can go wrong.

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    Cool bigger tires

    Changing the torsen bars keys is easy. You will need a good jack, jack stands and a torsen bar release tool. Some of the larger chain auto parts stores will loan or rent you one. Jack the front tires off the ground to take the weight off the front and use the tool to release the tension off the t/bars and remove the bolts and the retainer, slide the bars forward and the keys will drop out (watch your head, dont ask how i know this) Put in the new keys and replace everything in reverse and adjust keys. Its best to have the weight off the front when adjusting keys. After you make a adjustment drive the truck around the block and check again and adjust if needed. After you make your final adjustment have the front end aligned.

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