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    Default Problems with 2005 TrailBlazer?

    Hello everyone,

    I purchased a 2005 Trailblazer EXT LS 4x4 in December of 2005. This is my first new vehicle ever. I have been noticing problems with my truck. It may be the way the truck is made to be, but I have a feeling that the following are problems. I took the truck to the dealer and the dealers weren't patient to help and were rude about my problems. I was wondering if anyone has been experiencing the same problems? Please help me out. Here is my list:

    1. Rust spots on the vehicle on the doors. Haven't had this vehilce for 5 months and there is rust.

    2. The heater/AC doesn't blow out forcefully at settings 1 or 2. I can't feel the heater/AC on the lower level by the feet.

    3. RPM's are at 1600 when started them comes down gradually after 1 minute.

    4. When stopping for a light or letting off the gas (coasting), the RPM's jump.

    5. When stopping for a light or letting off the gas, then accelerating, there is a clunk noise and it is felt.

    6. When coming to a complete stop for a light, the RPM's jump while the truck jolts/shifts twice. RPM's jump about 1000.

    7. When turning on the AC or heat, there is a noise under the hood soudnding like there is a loose metal fan. Vibration is felt also.

    8. When driving, truck pulls to the left. When driving at highway speeds, the truck is difficult to steer straight.

    9. When starting the vehicle, the RPM'S & speedometer needles drop downward and shoots back upward.

    10. Stopping distance is too long.

    11. Turning the steering wheel left to right while at a stop light or in park, RPM's jump.

    12. When vehicle is turned on and off, there is rough sound with vibrations.

    13. Acceleration from a stop, RPM's go to 6000 or 7000 RPM's, is this normal?

    14. When turning with foot off gas or letting foot of gas to coast, then accelerating, there is a big clunk that is felt. Feels like the gears don't shift til the gas pedal is pressed.

    15. I noticed taht in the cold mornings that there is a noise coming from the dashboard or under the hood. When driving to a stop sign and completly stopping, there is a sound. The sounds is something loose rolling in the dashboard or under the hood. Sounds like a nut or bolt. I won't hear it if I do that again a few seconds later. It happens everytime in the mornings once, not twice.

    These problems have been eating me alive and gets on my nerves... Thank you for your time and consideration.

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    I think this was a double post. Just wondering if it all turned out ok.

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    Yeah, I'm curious what ever came of this person's Trailblazer as well.
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    sounds like he got a lemon. wow. I can only help out with number 2. I dont feel the heater on my feet when it is on low seting and also, I can't recall but I dont think on setings 1 and 2 the air/heater blows "forcefully"

    with respect to rust, you shouldn't have any that soon anywhere, but what state is this Tb in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by asstda2b
    sounds like he got a lemon. wow.
    Agree 100%.

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    My Blazer makes the same noise when I turn or take off sounds like it is under the front dash. I'm having a lot of trouble with the heater cores in mine along with the gas tank.

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