hey guys I just got a 99 gmc suburban and the spare was already on it. Finally got around to getting a new wheel/tire today so I could have my spare as a spare. I was just wondering if anyone had any pictures of their spare stored in back, in the proper location. I can't seem to get mine back in there snug. It is a full size spare that's supposed to be there, right? Mine is, and I just assumed that the spare I took off was the spare from this truck...meaning it should fit nicely, right? Well, if any of you have any tips on how to get it snug against the body, please let's hear it. I think I got it located correctly, but I'm not sure if the inside of the wheel should be on the inside of the truck or vice versa. It won't really fit one way but when I flip it around it fits but the hook to loop something through to hold the spare in place is kinda far from the place to hold it down. Thanks.