I wanted more up-to-date vehicle reliability information that included actual repair rates. So in late 2005 I started getting people together to make this possible. TrueDelta now reports absolute repair rates that make the differences between cars much clearer. Results are updated four times a year, so it's possible to track vehicles closely as they age.

50 Colorado and Canyon owners are already signed up to participate. A start, but more are needed to provide full results for all years. So I'm grateful that this forum has given me permission to post this thread.

Participants simply report repairs the month after they occur on a one-page survey. When there are no repairs, they simply report an approximate odometer reading four times a year, at the end of each quarter.

To encourage participation, participants receive full access to all results, not just those for the Colorado and Canyon, for free.

For the details, and to sign up to help out:

Vehicle reliability research