I just got an '09 chevy 1500 4WD. I'm going to go with a 7.5" lift and 35's but I don't know what backspacing or offset (negative/positive) to use to get the look I want. I'm going to get 20x9 wheels and I would like the tire to stick out but at the same time not degrade spindles, bearings, etc... Right now I'm thinking 20x9", 4.5" backspacing, and negative 12mm offset????

I've seen some pics of some awesome lifted trucks like mine, and I would like to know the exact dimensions of the wheel that was used. Include a pic if you can so I can see what it looks like.

I made the mistake on backspacing before with my last truck, the wheels were even with the body, don't want to spend all that money and make the same mistake.

Thank you!