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    Default Porta-Jump battery charger - Review

    I just bought a porta-jump battery charger as my Trailblazer's battery still works fine, but it doesn't hold a charge like it did last year. It's probably time to change it, but when it went dead in the parking lot my a local Target store, I went in to buy some jumper cables.

    Instead, I saw for $19.99 a unit called the Porta-Jump, which I have seen larger units like this before, especially up north. This is a small and compact 30-watt battery charger that plugs into your accessory port and will charge your battery, so they claim.

    I guess my battery was too far gone. It did not work at all, and in fact it would not even get to the point where it would try to charge, not even a little.

    I had no idea that it would have this type of limitation, so in fact I had to go back inside and buy jumper-cables to get moving again.

    The porta-jump is a good solution for healthy batteries that go dead due to leaving the lights on. If you have an older battery or one is that totally dead, then it will not work. So I can see that this might have some value, but it's not a fail-safe method to get a quick start.

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    I question is: Is it a good idea to hook a 30v battery to a 12v battery. With the modern electronics built into cars you could cause more trouble than benefit. Today's vehicles come with pcu's, ecm's, and bcm's that are electronically sensitive.

    The idea is that the Porta Jump will use the 30v to put a surface charge on the 12v battery. Hopefully enough to get you started. I'm thinking I'll just call AAA if I can't find a good samaritan to help.
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    I'll tell you what I had a close call with my Silverado trying to give somebody a jump, like Unplugged said it is the electronics that are sensitive to this type of stuff. On the Silverado they want you to have the ground lead of a jumper cable hooked to the alternator bracket, well the factory painted it with a type of under coating and we thought we had a good ground but didn't. When we hooked up the other vehicle it arched about two feet over to the front fender, and crackled like you would not believe. Thankfully neither vehicle got messed up, but we ended up calling AAA to take care of it. I'll never jump a newer vehicle again, that was a lesson learned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greenthumb25 View Post
    Is it possible to use a car battery for an electric Battery charger ?
    Wow, I missed this SPAM POST a long time ago. I'm going to delete the original post, but I'll keep it here for posterity.

    Anyhow, I love this little battery charger, it's saved my hide MORE THAN ONCE when the kids leave the light on in the car or the door open and the battery is drained.

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