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    Default Heated Seat Problem

    I am having the exact same problem with my 2005 Tahoe that Chad is having with my heated seats. The Driver side will shut down in about 3 minutes when it starts to get warm, but with mine if I have on the passenger side heated seat on it will shut that side down as well.

    Just like Chad if I leave my Driver Side OFF and put the Passenger side seat on it will stay on and had it on for well over 1/2 hour. But like I said above if I then put on the Driver side give it 3 minutes just getting warm and they both go off.

    Another thing I noticed is I have read about a clicking noise from under the seat in different posts. When the truck is cold and I turn on the Driver Side heated seat I hear no clicking under the seat when going from high, med, low, and then to OFF... Once it does it 3 minute shut down I will hear a click when it shuts off and when I turn it back on I hear a click under the seat.

    It seems the Passenger side is working correctly, but once you put on the Drivers side I get a 3 minute shut down and clicking from under the Driver Side Seat...When it is cold and first started up NO clicking from under the seat... Warmed up I get a click when it turns itself off or when I am turning it on or off.... If anyone knows where I should start to troubleshoot would really be appreciated.

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    Default Problem Solved

    I was hoping to get some PM"s or some replies to the post, but ended up figuring this problem out by articles on the internet. For anyone that is having problems with their driver side heater element shutting off after a few minutes, one minute or even 20 seconds odds are your fuse is good because if it was bad it would not turn on at all. I read a lot of articles about a clicking underneath the seat when the heat element shut off.... This is normal because the module is shutting it off due to a malfunction of one of the elements.

    If you are having problems with the drivers seat first thing to do is check the passenger seat with the drivers seat OFF!!!!! Leave the passenger seat on and see what happens, but make sure the drivers seat is OFF...

    If your passenger seat works perfect and stays on then the components of the system are good. Both seats are actually tied in together in the module underneath the seat so if you un plug an element to elimnate that out of the circuti nothing will work.

    Now, if you have determined your passenger side is working perfect and staying on odds are your problem is going to be a bad heat element in the drivers seat. It could be the bottom one or the top on and from what I have read it is usually the bottom one. In my case it was the top one which they say usually never goes, but I use it all the time due to back problems I have. The reason the elements fail is from being on for long periods of time due to their being no timer on them, so they burn up from use. Now when I say they burn up I mean they burn up. Mine had a hole buned through it with the wires fried and it went down about 3 to 4 inches. They are really not that hard to change because they are peel and stick and some plugs. You just need to peel the leather off enough for you to work, so no need to take it all the way off.

    Cost of the element at the dealership is around 150.00 which is a total rip off... has them for around 80.00 plus shipping, but they charge around 18.00 to ship so that puts you close to 100.00.... Ebay has some generics that are around 55.00 to 60.00.... I ended up putting in a GM one because I got my buddy that is a mechanic get me one from GM and it costed 100.00 and they shipped it out that day and I got it that next morning....

    If anyone has any questions about how to take the seat apart to get at it feel free to send me a message and I will help you out the best I can. Send a message though because I will more than likely not be checking this thread to often....

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    Default Heated Seat Problem

    RaleighBob message me your email address because I tried to reply to the message you sent me, but it will not send... I am very familiar with forums and am guessing it is because I am new and won't let me send messages.....

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    Default Reply Problem

    Anyone know why when I reply to a message that is sent to me it will not send??? It shows it sends, but shows nothing as sent....

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    I tried to send you a message, but it doesn't appear that it sent. I am guessing you have to so many posts before you can send. Anyway, I was hoping to get more details on how you fixed this and also a part # for the two heating elements. Our '03 Tahoe has the exact same problem and I have been told to please....please fix this. Apparently this is a feature the wife uses daily no matter the weather. So any help would be much appreciated.


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    Default Heated Seat Problem

    I cannot reply to messages and best would be email me and just put the subject as "Tahoe Heated Seat Problem"... email address is

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    seatcovers are a pain ;)

    all you gotta do is take the seat out, un-do the plastic tab and work it up so it goes inside-out

    get'cha some spray glue. they never fit/look as good as they did once you remove um

    some have hog rings in the middle of the cover. cut those off and use zip-ties, much much easyer

    05 silverado shortbed

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    I have a 2003 Tahoe and both heated seats are not working. When you press the heated seat button, the lights come on but when you let go of the button, the lights go out. This is for both sides, driver and passenger this is occuring. Any idea what the problem maybe? Please email me at

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chad View Post
    I have a 2003 Tahoe with heated seats. Recently, the driver's side seat has been turning itself off after about 3 minutes. I turn it on, it warms up, then trips off for no aparent reason. If I turn the passenger side on ONLY it works fine. If I turn both seats on, the passenger side trips off at the same time as the driver side trips off. When I try to turn the driver's seat back on (after it trips off) it only stays on a few seconds to a minute, depending on how long it has been off. I checked the fuse that was labled ingintion/heated seats on the interior fuse box. It was fine but I replaced it anyways. No better. It almost seems like there is a thermostat that must be sensing the driver's seat is getting too hot and shutting itself off, yet the seat is just getting up to temperature. Has anyone experienced this, and do you have any recommendations how I may further troubleshoot and fix it? It behaves the same way whether I turn on just the back heater or back and cushion.

    had to replace drivers seat belt assy. they said heated seats would keep going off. removed seat cover, to replace seat belt assy, and found that heater pad had burned and melted the foam seat back cushion.

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