I am just today beginning my path to have this problem corrected. I will post updates as to how my situation is handled. If anyone else begins to experience the same problem, PLEASE post to this topic. As of now, there is no recall posted for this.

The problem: the rear tailgate will NOT fully open. Basically what is happening is that the top plastic piece (which has the third brake light built in) is out of alingment and pushes against the hinges when attempting to raise the gate (either the full gate or just the glass). There is a HUGE gap now between the roof and the upper plastic piece - big enough that when the door is closed I can fit my entire hand between what is supposed to be the seal.

The problem began while I was out of town and have not yet been able to get to my local CHEVY dealership. I did take the truck to a GMC dealership, where I was told that 1) they have had several ENVOYs come in with the same problem and it is a problem with the hinge, 2) DON"T OPEN the gate until I get it fixed at my CHEVY dealership, and 3) the repair has required the entire replace ment of the rear glass and complete upper lift-gate assembly and hinges. Additionally - forcing to open the gate could cause the entire upper plastic to shatter. (Note: I already have a small chip in the plastic from where it contacted the hinge.)

My truck, while less than 2-years old already has 47,000 miles on it and I am out of my std 3/36 warranty. I am HOPING that GM considers this a RECALL. Anyone experiencing, or has experienced this problem, please post to this topic.

Thank You