I'm going crazy trying to find information on what style (?) of windshield came on my 04 trailblazer. It took hours just to find out those little black dots are called a dot matrix pattern. There's got to be a term or description or something that specifically identifies the areas covered by a pattern. My original windshield had the dot matrix all the way across the top. I got a new windshield installed yesterday but it is not same style (?) as this one only has a small area of dot matrix in the center over the rear view mirror. The two idiots that work at this national chain auto glass repair shop gave me the "well gee lady it should be the same as the old one, are you sure it's different" routine." They're going to pull my old windshield out of the trash and save it until I get back there in the morning. My question is this - what do I call my original windshield's dot matrix pattern? I don't want to go in there looking like the idiots they are and would like to sound half way intelligent by using "technical terms." Can ANYBODY help me quickly?????