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Thread: Ticking?

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    Default Ticking?

    I have noticed recently that when I accelerate and I am cruising, I hear a ticking sound similar to an oil tick. this noise is deffinitely coming from the wheels, and when I apply the brakes it stops. Any thoughts? the noise gets faster as my vehicle gains speed.



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    My first thought is a rock or a nail embedded in the tire---but that's just me!

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    Default Re: Ticking?

    Get it checked out- could be a wheel or axle bearing.

    I had a similiar issue, and it turned out to be a spun bearing in my rear axle.

    Good luck.

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    what year is your TB? When was the last time the brakes were done? Do you notice any pulsing when you brake? This kind of sound happens alot when a rotor is just slightly warped. The ticking sound comes from the rotor knocking the brake pads against the caliper every time the warp spot comes around. If it's been a while since the brake were done or your feeling any pulsing when you brake (even if it's very slight) it can cause this and a simple turning of the rotors will fix it.


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    MY TB is a 2003 LS 4x4 model.

    The dealer said they had seen 3 or 4 TB's with this problem. Lucky me. Thankfully, I had an extended warranty, so a $1600.00 repair cost me $200.00 (deductible + wheel bearings that were not covered under the warranty).

    Good luck !

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