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    Default Express interchange [Expired Topic]

    Are the mechanical parts....suspension etc interchangable with the 2004+ express with the 1996?
    I have a 1996 conversion with 119k and would like to update as much as possible..

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    There were a lot of advancements during those years. What in particular do you have or what are you looking to acomplish?

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    I am considering a late model wreck with body damage as a donor.
    I want to update the suspension/ steering/brakes on the 1996 Geneva conversion and later change over as much as I can.
    I also have a 2004 cargo 2500 ext wheelbase.

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    I have a 99 3500 express and a 05 3500 express. I wanted to replace the rear leaf springs in the 05 because she squats a little when I load it. My 99 never squats no matter how much weight I put in it. Anyway, I went to a GM parts website and found out that the leaf springs in the 99 are the same part number for the 05. If I were you, I would research part numbers to get a comparison. GM did make some changes to the newer express vans. Different engines and transmissions. Also, rear brakes on my 99 are brake shoes and drums and 05 is four wheel disc brakes. Good Luck.

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    I took the 1996 Express 1500 conversion off the road. This will be a major makeover project on a budget after couple cars are done.
    I bought a rear axle off a 2003 Express V6 and I traded some oem HID lights [other make car] for labor work..

    The calipers came off with some persuasion...broke a couple cheap 18mm sockets.The U Joint is different.We opted to change the axles to switch to the 6 bolt pattern.

    Changeover is halted when we could not get the kingpin bolt off the 1996..The 8mm squarehead bolt is difficult to reach and is really in tight.. Maybe next week..

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    Keep us posted on your progress shingr, if you can post some pics that would be even better

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    The process came to a temporary halt.
    the mechanic never returned. But code enforcement did..

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    tell the inspector unless he's a mr good wrench he's trespassin

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