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I know, most say hit the thing and don't risk life or injury. It was in a neighborhood, and I had enough time to actually react which side I should swerved too. The left... trees. The right, a pretty large patch of open area, enough to stop from about a 25 mph roll. Long story short, people in the Poconos like to just cut down random trees but not remove stumps. Turns out, my mechanic said it appears it didn't hit the tranny pan, but definitely smashed and punctured the transmission fluid lines. He said he had to order the lines and they'll be in tomorrow. At the same time, the bumper portion down by the left fog light is completely smashed, hole in the bumper and all and all.. eww, ugliness. Anyway, the shop is known for mechanic but does do some basic body work and this would be considered basic. I've seen them do some pretty nice looking body work even though they say they stick to basic only. (Maybe because they subcontract it out and the money they make on the time in their garage isn't worth it, just a guess) Anyway, with needing a new bumper, any suggestions as fast as aftermarket bumpers or anything? I know it's an equinox and not a camaro or a fast and furious mobile, but are there any options? Also got me thinking, any options for hoods, too? Thanks for the info.