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So I just was out looking and pricing these floor liners. 3 brands Husky Liner, Wade (by Westin) and Weather Tech. I liked the style of weather tech but opted for the Wade Floor liners as it worked out to be about $57.00 cheaper (in Canada) for front and rear. The ones I purchased Wade Floor Liners are the same shape as the weather tech, extend over the door jamb.

As well on the web site a rebate...

Well quick update I returned the Wade floor liners and got the Weather Tech. The Wade ones worked well but IMO have a design flaw that allows all the salt and melted slush run down along side the mat and on to the carpet beside the seat and door when going up hill or parking on an incline. Th Weather Tech have a dam that stops the water and keeps it in the mat until you empty it over the door sweep!!! Sticking with the weather tech!!!