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    Default Removing chrome trim?

    I have a 94 Silverado that has the chrome trim plates along the rocker panels. The previous owner bought them and placed them on there to make it look nice to sell it. I actually really liked the look of the truck without them on there. Is there a safe way to remove trim without damaging the paint or having left over residue? Any tips would be great. Thanks.

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    They'll come off but it'll take a lot of work, especially if you've got the stainless steel panels instead of the chrome plastic ones. If its the plastic ones, heat them up with a hair dryer and just slowly keep pulling it off. If you have the stainless steel ones, heat them up and try and get a corner bent backwards far enough to grab on to it with a vise grip, then keep heating it and roll the metal back on itself with the vise grips. There will be some adhesive that stays stuck to the body, you can either try rubbing it off with your thumb (painful!) or get some 3M adhesive remover that will dissolve it into a gooey mess.

    One thing you may need to watch out for, especially it being a '94 is rust. Sometimes people put those panels on to cover up rust holes, and if you have rust behind the panels and try to take them off they'll take the paint off over any spots that had rust bubbling through.

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    I took those off my truck and it was a chore.

    It took me about 3 hours by myself to completely remove them. Tips from me is to let it sit out in the hot sun for a good part of the day so the adhesive gets hot. And if needed use a hair dryer to heat them up even more. Then I peeled a corner so i could get vice grips on it, then pull!!

    Luckily since it was like 90 degrees out about 80% of the adhesive came with the panals. And what was left I just rolled it off with my fingers.

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    Your truck looks good though. Nicely done. I pulled on the corner of one of them today and it looked like they would come off failry easily despite it being in the low 40's today. With a a heat gun on low they should come off pretty well. Now I just have to come up with a reason for taking them off after the previous owner (my neighbor) spent the time and money to put them on.

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    Use fishing line to "cut" it off... start at one side slide the line behind and pull across... add heat with a blow dryer of something... Then you just have to get the glue off... more heat, Goo Gone, alcohol, vinegar... use a cotton rag... takes time, be patient....

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    welcome to the club. there is a how-to that was posted on this that is really helpful. check it out

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    Default reason

    i took the stick on pin stripping off my truck and well that was a chore and left alot of adhesive so if your wondering about adhesive best thing i found like mentioned was the 3m adhesive remover (comes in a red square tin can) and then a single edged razor( works better then youre finger and didnt even leave a scratch) and the adhesive remover should give some kind of lubricant between the paint and blade so its not sliding on your dry paint, as for the reason say youre gonna upgrade them later on and thought now would be a perfect opportunity to take them off because you needed a project :D happy working
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