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    Default Crate engine swap

    Hey guys,
    Im lookin for someone with some knowledge with crate engine swaps...I have a 95 Sierra 1500 4wd with a very tired non-vortec 350 in it. I have a lead on an engine I would like to put in it but am unsure if it is a vortec or not :s

    The numbers on it are as follows:

    Block Serial # 10243880 5.7L
    Intake # 14102182
    Head # 14102193

    So basically my question is will this engine be a direct swap into my truck electronically wise? Or will I have to swap in a vortec wire harness and computer for it to run properly?

    All and any help would be very much appreciated here!

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    193 heads are swirl port heads (not vortec).

    I'm assuming you have the TBI motor in your truck now. Putting in a newer 350 vortec engine could be easy or a pain depending on what you're going to do with the fuel injection. If you bought a new intake manifold to use your TBI with the new vortec heads, changing the engine would be fairly simple. Pull the old engine, remove the throttle body and put that along with the new manifold on the new engine, install the new engine. No extra wiring.

    If you wanted to use the vortec fuel injection setup it would involve a lot of wiring and most likely a new computer. You'd have to put a different fuel pump in the tank too, the newer fuel injection needs a lot more fuel pressure than your TBI pump could put out.

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    So this engine Im looking at here will be a direct bolt in swap for me then? I really dont wanna get into the SFI part of things here. Its alot easier and faster for me to just stick with the TBI as if I do pick this engine up I only have time to do the swap in a weekend type of deal.

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    yes it will the motor mounts should bolt right up and everything. as far as the wiring harness they match the fuel injection. thats the easy wat to look at it. as long as you get a TBI intake manifold for the new motor then everything else in just bolting back up and makin it look pretty lol. good luck with everything!!
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