Well I finally got my S-10 fixed and running now, for the last month it has been driving excellent!
But it seems that a black cloud is following me around still, I am getting a loud clunking sound from the back of the truck. It is doing it every time I hit any size bump in the road, or when I make a fast turn and the truck shifts onto one side or the other. PLEASE tell me that a bad shock makes a clunking noise, I hope to hell it isn't the rear end again! I have had 3 rear ends put in this truck and it only has 54,000 miles on it, these are also the original factory shocks all the way around.

I have 4 brand new Edelbrock IAS shocks for it that I bought about 3 years ago, because I got them for $50 each at Summit Racing's clearance sale. Problem is I don't feel like going out in the cold to change them, and no one will install them because I didn't buy them from them. NTB, Goodyear shop, and a few other places.

Will it do more damage if I just keep driving it on a badly worn or broken shock, there is no visible broken shock mounts or broken welds. Although I am carrying 400lbs. of sand in it right now, no I can't take the sand out because the truck is 2wd. and is horrible in snow with no weight in the bed. Thanks for any suggestions of what to look for.