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    Default question with 4wd 03 suburban

    About a year and a half ago my truck got broken into and they stole the 4wd module. It had no problems working. Well they left an old one. So not knowing if it was mine, I plugged it in. It would slam my 4wd into gear and take about 10 times to get it to engage.
    So I called the dealer. They said the new updated version is #12590219. So I bought one used just recently. Just put it in. The truck was freezing cold and hasnt been driven in several days. Its been like 20 degrees out and 40-60mph winds. So I plugged it in and it seems to engage quickly. But I hear a humming noise and it kept having a hard time stopping when in 4wd.
    Does this have to be programmed to my truck? I cant find anything suggesting I have to.
    So if you know let me know, thanks.

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    Hello, I have the 03 burb 4WD and my 4WD controller took a vacation

    $600 later, new unit was installed and HAD to be added to the power train system in the car.
    All these controllers must talk to each other on the databus in the suburban.
    It appears that the used units you are connecting are not talking properly and causing the issues.

    I have seen 4WD controllers go bad as well as the motor unit inside the tranfer case go bad.

    hope this helps

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