New guy on the block and I'm loving the site......My daily driver, 93 C1500 5.7L 4L60e with 270k is starting to get pretty tired. I am looking into ordering a Reman Jasper stage 1 engine that comes with a small "RV Cam" which increases hp and torque by 10% on the bottom end.

My mpg around town is about 11-12 and on the highway keeping it under 80 its getting close to 16, and with my 6x12 enclosed trailer which I pulled frequently gets around 10. Nothing to really complain about. What difference with will a small rv cam make in fuel milege. I can handle 13-14 on the highway but if its gonna be getting 10mpg everywhere I go............wooooo can't handle that one.

I want everybodys 2 cent......thank ya fellers