on the Tahoe, the window tint is extremly dark, i'm not going to remove the tint as it's nice in the summer but to back up at night it's a pain, yo ucan't see sh@t. I added 2 fog light in the back but still not good so I was looking at back up cameras. most of the one I found cost $600 and way up, which is too much for me. I found that one which as a 7"screen ( many system have a 3.5" screen (how can you see ?......) I could place a 7"screen in front of the console, there is plenty of empty space there.
here is the link to the one I found :http://www.4ucam.com/Wired-CCD-Backup-Camera-7-inch-Monitor-Color-RV-Cam-Truck-Trailer-Rear-View-IR-Night-Vision.html