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    HEY! my 07 doesnt look like that!! HeHe

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    I like em now.....seen em in person and they look great...I have yet to see many extended cabs though, mostly see crews...

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    Thumbs up

    Sweet looking truck!! Sign me up for case i want seconds!
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    I wonder what they polish and prep these vehicles with that are being photographed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    I wonder what they polish and prep these vehicles with that are being photographed.
    My guess is a glaze rather than a wax. Glaze doesn't last or protect like wax but it actually gives a much shinier finish. The best one I ever used or sold was 3M Imperial Hand Glaze.

    I sold it/bought in the professional containers like this

    These days you can also get a smaller container designed for the average joe.

    It was originally designed to be applied by hand to help with swirls and minor surface scratches and also to increase surface luster. Back when I was in the field every high end recon and body shop used this stuff. I sold it by the case daily. Haven't worked the field for a few years so I don't know if something new has come along to replace it as king but sometimes old is still best and this stuff was hands down the best when I was selling it. The best results come on dark & especially dark metallic vehicles( the metal flake seems to jump to the surface and sparkle like a diamond in the sun ) although it does help with all colors. As most anyone knows when you wax a white vehicle it doesn't give the same dramatic effect as a wax job on a black vehicle. Same applies to glaze. Darker vehicles always look better after a wax then lighter ones.

    Only thing is NEVER apply glaze in general, but the 3M specifically, in the direct sun if it is more than like 70 degrees out if you don't work really really fast. You also NEVER EVER want to apply it to a hot vehicle surface( if you do get a buffer and some compound ). Wax MFG's basically say the same thing and you can still do it and be okay. Not so with this stuff. Find a shady spot and make sure the surface is just warm or cool NOT hot.

    The glaze goes on just like a liquid wax. Wipe it on and let dry to a haze and then wipe off. You will get a lot of tan lint after but just wipe off with a seperate clean cloth. You will NOT get a shinier result. Remember this stuff does NOT protect like a wax. I have applied it before waxing and after as a gloss booster with excellent results. GREAT to use on a vehicle before a photo shoot or car show.
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    nice photos here is some more and I really want to know if the 6 speed is better on gas

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