i everyone if i can get info on this subject please let me know.

Here it goes i have 06 chevy silverado 1500 4.8L V8 i have 7 inch lift on it 35' tires(lift includes body lift too) i was driving up a 90% angel coming out of work parking structure going about 8mph. All of a sudden it sounded like my back end exploded. 1,2,R work but 3,D dont. i got it towed to the nearest place to my work witch was ammco there doing an internal inspection right now and will have a quote tommarrow on the price to fix it. ammco breifly said there basically rebuilding. i thought i had it regeared thats what the dealership told me but come to find out i dont. i think that had a big part in what happened to me.

Is there anyone out there can give me some advice, pricing to get it fixed, where to get it fixed at & how much higher gears would be tooo if i wanted them.

thanks again for all you guys taking the time to help me out.