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i was wondering this same thing. Bought a new 08 last year, Top of the line LTZ 4x4 Crew with the HD tow package and it came with read drum brakes. I was surprised to see this, I figured all newer trucks, especially the higher end ones came with disc brakes.

I don't really care it stops on a dime. But my guess is that drum brakes are probably tied to the HD tow package like someone else explained. I am out on a limb here, but I think drum brakes stay cooler resulting in less fade, especially if you were pulling something pretty heavy.

Yesterday I had around 2000lbs in the bed and I was able to stop almost as quick as normally without any extra weight in the back. I was also surprised that the bed actually handled that much weight very well, there was almost no sag in the rear, as opposed to my buddies F150 that we loaded a while back with about the same amount of weight and his fenders were almost rubbing his rear tires.
I can't see how drums are cooler than discs. The drum brakes are inclosed in the steel drum where discs are in the open air.