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    Quote Originally Posted by 1flyfisher View Post
    \The RPO Code> G80 Heavy Duty Locking Rear Differential isn't standard, it is an option, costs $325.
    Cool Video

    Mine is a Pure Silver AWD cargo van, pewter cloth seats, power package, chrome appearance pac, tilt/cruise, Heavy duty Alternator and battery, Tow Package, Heavy Duty locking Rear Differential, sliding cargo door, no stereo, swing out windows on the rear doors and cargo door, deep tinted windows, heated mirrors with turn signal indicators, 3.73 rear end.....that's about it.

    mine has all that but i have the access package, tool doors swing open, and it has been customized on the inside to fit 4 people, 2 12's couple 6x9' and a decent amp, and still have the bulkhead door so it's basically a extended cab p/u with a cap, no turn signals but i have heated mirrors, you will definately like it,

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    Ouch! Is this a common problem with these AWD GM Vans?

    Quote Originally Posted by aburrob View Post
    Congratulations on your new van...I have had 4 recent GMC Savana vans, the last two with AWD. I love the van, I really do but I would recommend the extended warranty. The first AWD van had 2 transfer cases, my current 04 Savana at 140,000K is going on its 5th one this week. Other than that.....super solid. Good Luck.

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    I got some good news and some bad news.
    The original deal and order I had through the Costco Auto buying program with the dealership fell through. Long story short. The dealership started trying to drop off some of the options I wanted. Telling me BS like the Rear Window Defogger isn't available with Solar Deep Tinted Glass. Funny thing is on the GM website when you build the vehicle it specifically says you must have Deep tinted glass if you want the rear window defogger. They also said first that the rear window defogger wasn't available with remote start? Then they changed their tune and said it was becuase of the deep tint. I wanted the bigger alternator and battery and they emailed me a print out on the build and they were both missing. I called them and asked what was up and they said that the alt and batt are included with the trailer tow package and don't show up separately. That was more BS as they are both extra cost options. All sorts of BS like that. All this made me highly apprehensive and uncomfortable as I would also need the dealership to work with a mobility company(3 miles from the dealership) to have hand controls installed. And then the vehicle would be delivered. So before I could accept delivery the vehicle would be altered with hand controls and then delivered to me before I could see IF it was built correctly with the options I wanted. Red flags went up when the dealership and salesman started BS about the options and build. Sadly Costco didn't stand by me and I told them both to go to hell. This all blew up on Tuesday afternoon.

    The GOOD NEWS. I went on Autobytel, CarDirect etc Wednesday morning and made it known through those sites that I was interested in purchasing a GMC Savana with specific options for a specific price(The same price as the Costco price). I made a specific dollar offer for the vehicle to be built with the exact options that I want. An hour later a dealership in my area(half hour away) called me back and said they would accept my offer at my price. I drove down and we built the vehicle together on the GM order entry system and printed up a window sticker exactly the way I want and we pushed through the order with the exact options I wanted with no problems. So everything the first dealership was trying to convince me of was pure BS. They wrote up the contract, I signed and they gave me a copy of the price and the options and I gave a deposit and the deal is done. I am still keeping my fingers crossed and I hope the vehicle arrives the way I want it. But I think it will. So I got the same low price. So the build is having to start over (IF the original BS dealership even put in an order). So I am set back about three weeks on receiving my new van since the build had to start over.
    There was a whole bunch of more BS from that original dealership and Costco rep that I can't even type up. Not worth thinking about it.
    Anyway I hope GM builds and delivers the vehicle the way I want with the options I want. I won't sleep easy till I drive off the lot with the exact vehicle built the way I want.

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    Congrats on the new van!

    Bobby - North Carolina
    2008 4x4 5.3L V8
    6" Suspension Lift and 1.5" Body Lift
    20x9 Ballistic Jesters w/35" Toyo Open Country MT's & 1.5" rear wheel spacers
    4:56 Yukon Gears
    Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator
    Baja style bed mount spare tire carrier
    Flowmaster 40 series dual exhaust
    Recon Smoked LED tails/3rd brake lights/black projectors w/switchback LED's in the corners
    N-Fab Nerf Steps
    K&N CAI
    No Fear Pedals
    Tint, Line-X bedliner, Window visors, Rear wheel well liners
    Painted front grill, bow ties and door badges, de-"lettered" tailgate
    Powder coated front and rear bumpers

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    Almost sounds like the original dealer had something inbound similiar to what you wanted and decided to try and pass it off to you.

    Glad you stuck to your guns, when your paying the price they ask for vehicles now days you should get what you want not what they want to move off the lot.

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    What started out well went south fast. They started with knocking off (deleting) every possible thing that could reduce the price. For instance the trim panels are available as a Delete $-95, I noticed that on their first build along with $-40 for the turn signal indicators for the mirrors missing. I wanted both of those. The trim panels are the black plastic covers that go over the rear doors and side cargo doors.
    Then that last build they emailed me was missing the Alternator, Battery, Rear Defogger, Solar Deep Tint.
    Their bogus explanations were the last straw. I built the vehicle a bazillion times on the GM website and know it backwards and forwards and what options go together and what doesn't.

    I think it may have been more of a case that they were knocking off options to reduce the price(they deleted $410 of the options I wanted) and then when the vehicle was altered with hand controls it would have been too late for me to have done anything about it. PLUS the vehicle was being deliver to me.
    But who knows. All I know is their explanation has proven to be BS. I called GM and the GM rep built it on the GM Order Work Bench which he said is exactly what dealerships use and he said there was no option conflict with the build I wanted. And I was able to sit down with the second dealership and they built it right in front of me together with me and we were able to order it with no problems.

    I can't imagine it was a case of incompetence. These sales managers know what they are doing.
    I believe I was being finagled.

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    UPDATE: The vehicle came in last friday the 12th. Very sweet. The pure silver metallic looks great. I will get pics up as soon as I can. We weren't able to pick it up until this thu the 18th. It was built exactly the way I wanted so the above mentioned dealer/costco problems I mentioned were all complete bs. There were no conflicts between getting deep tint windows and rear window defogger and all the other bs.

    There is a tiny 1/4" scratch through the clear coat on the cargo door that I noticed. And when it was in the sun I noticed that it is also a door ding. Sooooooooooooo I have to deal with the hassles of getting that fixed. LOL we'll see how that goes!!!!

    The fleet salesman tried incessantly to try and cheat me out of a $1000 GM Savana customer cash rebate that I was entitled to. LOL like 4 -5 times he tried to say the rebate was already included in the price we agreed to. Of course it wasn't on MY contract anywhere to be found. UM no it wasn't because he HIMSELF and GM Customer Service and a dozen other sales men at other dealerships told me a million times you get whatever rebate is available at <<<time of delivery>>> in addition to whatever sales price you agree on. Basically Because rebates can change month to month. Amazing how these people have no qualms about lying right to your face even though they know that you know that they are lying.....AMAZING! Anyway So I stuck to my guns and got my $1000 rebate. I got a great deal but as usual it came with its assorted hassles.

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    wow what a story! at least you finally got the van you wanted with all the accessories you wanted. and i give you props for sticking up for yourself and getting what you want! shows them whos boss!!

    2007 Silverado Crew Cab
    5.3 L Vortec V8
    LT1 Package
    Driver Information Center (from
    Volant Cold Air Intake
    6000k HID DDMTuning Kit
    LED tailgate bar 3rd brake light
    LED lights for foot wells
    LED Side Bars
    LED Headlight Accents
    Husky Mud Guards

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    What should I SELL those wheels and tires for?
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